1. How to take care of Lilou jewellery?
  2. How to adjust the strings?
  3. Can bracelets with buckles be also adjusted?
  4. Is there a possibility to buy another buckle or pendant for already existing bracelet?
  5. If I want to place an order, where do I start?
  6. What is the maximum order processing time?
  7. Can a delivery be send elsewhere in Europe?
  8. How is engraving done?
  9. Is there any additional cost charged for engraving?
  10. Can inscriptions be made in other languages, in Japanese for example?
  11. Are there any inscriptions which cannot be engraved?
  12. Can I engrave an additional inscription after purchasing a pendant for an already existing bracelet?
  13. Can one get an invoice certifying the purchase?
  14. What do I do if I want to change a string or element having already placed an order?
  15. How can I replace a string?
  16. What is the cost of a string replacement?